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Such a mess
I'm stressing out
Yeah I'm breaking down
Falling over the edge again
Sorry dear friends
I'm such a mess
Yeah I don't deserve to live
Rewrite the book cuz I'm all alone
No-one around me could ever know
Every night I just want to
Slit my wrist and die
Swallow your pride
Act as if everything is alright
Dead on the inside
I just don't give a dam anymore
Blackout and pretend that it isn't real
Another facade to conceal it all
Hide myself from the world
Cut my heart out and die
I can't take it anymore
It never seems to end
There's no place left to go
I don't know what to make from this
Time to make a choice
Sorry dear friends
I'm such a mess
Yeah I don't deserve to live
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 1 1
Broken and Torn
Be brave
A glimpse of hope
From in shadows
Pass it round
An empty room
Broken and torn
Hide away
From the pain
Deep in the dark
Fallen from grace
Excel beyond
All the hate
Broken and torn
Searching for more
Lost and confused
Blinded by rage
The angst and distrust
Like salt covered wounds
Only entice pain
Hide yourself away
It's a holocaust
In the darkness
Of the world
Hide yourself away
As you fall from grace
Broken and torn
Searching for more
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 2 19
Don't Throw It All Away
I close my eyes
And I can see
The beauty
Of your soul
I take your hand
And I can feel
The compassion
Burning within you
All the hate
And all the pain
Are washed away
When you are here
Just stop these games
That you play
Just look at me
You're driving me insane
Hey girl
Don't play dead
Don't be cold
I need you
The way you need me
Hey girl
Don't throw it all away
Speak now
Be not muted any more
Speak to me
Let me know what's on your mind
Take my hand
Stop suppressing me
I am here
You just cannot forget me
Hey girl
Don't play dead
Don't be cold
I need you
The way you need me
Hey girl
Don't throw it all away
((don't throw it all away))
((don't throw it all away))
((don't throw it all away))
((don't throw it all away))
Hey girl
((don't throw it all away))
I need you
((don't throw it all away))
Hey girl
((don't throw it all away))
Hey girl.......
Hey girl
Don't play dead
Don't be cold
I nee
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 2 19
He's crying
Bleeding on the inside
From the hole in his soul
Bloodshot eyes
In a cold sweat
The fever sets in
There's no escape now
He can not sleep
Nite terrors constantly
Haunting his dreams
Lungs rotting
Too hard to breathe
Somebody help him
Help him please
He needs the cure
For this disease
In the hospital
He's dying
From this disease
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 2 8
This is me
I'm not blind
I can see
I'm aware of how they act
They're all avoiding me
I'm not deaf
I can hear
All of what they say
The rumours that they share
I'm not heartless
I can feel
My emotions are just misplaced
Disproportioned you might say
My sense of touch
Does exist
But you're intangible
Too far out of reach
I do care
What you think
But I wont let you
Rule my body, mind or soul
Despite what you think
This is reality
This is life
This is me
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 2 14
Dark Omens
Every night
I hate my life
Surrounded by happy people
Embraced by the light
Where am i?
Why am I with these people?
For alone in a corner I stand
Shrouded by darkness
A thick black fog hanging low
Nest only to the raven
And other dark omens
I feel out of place
Uncomfortable here
In the dark
Surrounded by light
There is nowhere to hide
Except in my own conscience
The empty core of my soul
This withered heartless shell
Alone in a thick black fog
Nest only to the raven
And other dark omens
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 3 11
So sweet
So soft
And pure
So trusting
So kind
And Caring
But beauty
Is skin deep
Two sides
Encompass you
So bitter
So ruthless
And tainted
So deceiving
So spiteful
And Artificial
Two sides
Two faces
One person
One soul
Split in two
Two souls
One person
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 14 20
Laying in the shower
Listening to the water
Laying in the shower
Drowning in the water
He's lying in the shower
Watching as his life flashes by
Staring at his watch
Counting down the seconds
Until he breaths no more
He's lying in the shower
Drowning in the water
Losing oxygen with every passing second
Repentance for his crime
He's lying in the shower
Staring at his watch
Listening to the water
Repentance for his crimes
Laying in the shower
Losing oxygen
He's drowning
In the water drop
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 2 16
Crystal Tears
Watching through secretive eyes
With passion and with great despise
The fury
Only I can see
Burning inside of you
Longing to be released
As I pass
You watch me
And follow ever so delicately
The wrath
Of your love
Only I can feel
The darkness in your soul
Only I can illuminate
As I stop
And ask you why
Tears fall from my eyes
I turn to face you
But you are gone
And a cold wind
Turns my tears into crystals
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 5 11
Burning In My Heart
Alone in the fire of my heart
Slowly I burn
Crying as I bleed for you
Dying as I call for you
I want you back
I need you here
Eternally by my side
For there's no-other place
That I feel safe
Unless I'm in your arms
A raging fire
A blazing storm
Only you can lay to rest
All it takes
Is one teardrop
From your angel eyes
But you have spread you wings and left
Never to return to me
And as I burn
I think about
Our missed opportunities
The inferno of my heart too wild
Impossible to tame
Too passionate to extinguish now
Forever burning I remain
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 4 33
Thinking of You
As eternity passes
I am forever stranded
Wandering the crossroads
And alleys of my mind
Searching for you
Looking for hope
A desired outcome
I am unable to find
Invaded by images
And thoughts of you
Happy memories
Dance through my brain
Memories of how
We first met
And how safe I felt
By your side
Memories of how
You would take my hand
And lead me
Away from reality
Yet all good things
Must come to an end
Slowly the memories fade
I am alone once again
Thinking of you
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 0 17
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry
That you lie to me
Lie to conceal the hate
Lie to bury the pain
I'm sorry
You never trusted me
If you gave me a chance
I could of proved you wrong
I'm sorry
You never included me
You rejected me
When opportunity knocks
I'm sorry
You feel that you have to leave
But it's for the best
We can't keep living like this
I'm sorry
You never want to see me again
So I'll lock myself away
Pray for a better day
When you will tell me the truth
When you will trust me
When you will include me
When you will feel secure in my proximity
I'm sorry
There is so much pain in your heart
And that it causes you
To destroy your life
And that of those closest to you
Now and forever
I'm Sorry
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 1 13
Alone in the world
There's no-one by my side
No-one to hold my hand
To stop me sliding into darkness
No-one to assure me
That I still have potential
I'm drowning by myself
Dying slowly without you
Lost inside the darkness of my mind
No imagination to save me
No path within the light
To lead me back to you
Blinded by the hate of my life
The pain that it brings
I just want
To bring it all to an end
Want to stop all the pain that I cause
To the people I love
I'm over the edge
And I can't stop falling
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 3 11
With You
I woke up today
In a cold sweat
Lonely and itching
For some insight
Into why you betrayed me
You took all my trust
All my faith and my love
And ripped it apart
And now I don't want to live
I'm dying slowly on my knees
Being backstabbed rapidly
So constantly
Now I don't want to live
With you in my life
A dark omen
A painful reminder
Of how foolish i was
Oh how i trusted you
Of how foolish i was
For ever loving you
In the dark of the night
In my room i sit
The cold wind
Making me twitch
Memories of yesterday
Flash through my brain
With a gun to my head
I absolve all my pain
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 3 16
Burn in your love
Lost with you
In the darkness of night
Consumed by
The burning love
In you heart
Lost with you
Yet I don't
Wish to be found
Stay with me
Let me burn
Forever in your love
:icontarkoin:Tarkoin 3 20


Unknown by phoenixq Unknown :iconphoenixq:phoenixq 82 184 All I Have to Give by TwistingMyArm All I Have to Give :icontwistingmyarm:TwistingMyArm 4 12 Love Design by phoenixq Love Design :iconphoenixq:phoenixq 14 48 The minute I met you by Nikitia1979 The minute I met you :iconnikitia1979:Nikitia1979 34 74
and everything was right
one night, not long ago, i slept
and in my dream, i wailed and wept
encompassing this evil dread
for my dear love, it seemed, was dead
i was left, all by myself
with friends, but still lonely
for even though i still had them
her love completed me
and i was lost
my very soul began to split
as rain came down in sheets
and it was then
when i had reached the stone floor'd pit
and glass shards cut my feet
that i gave in
for there was no reason to live
i had reached my end
to my demon
for he was the very fear in me
that my life, alone, i'd spend
but just then a radiant light,
seemed to set me free
it woke me up, the sunlight bright
to sweet serenity
my nightmare of alone was gone
it faded with the night
for i could see her sleeping face
and everything was right
:iconpeaceplacid:peaceplacid 3 7
these darkening grey thoughts
these darkening grey thoughts of mine find their way to me in time
blinding like a light divine while darker things do ring and chime
incredible it is at least, the pain it brings to find my peace
of mind behind black flower wreath like rusting chain and grinding teeth
this leather strap that is my friend, making me contort and bend
writhing with no freedom end, yet no one has a hand to lend
how lonely my own fight will be, struggling just to break free
no friend to find to run to flee, beginning sweet serenity
solace with no peace of mind, ironic now but soon i'll find
these darkening black thoughts of mine, work their way from me in time
:iconpeaceplacid:peaceplacid 1 6
I watch you leave without knowing
knowing the things i needed to tell you
you hurt because my dishonesty was so blatant to see
but you cant see how my heart is breaking
how hard it is to keep these thing from you
my eyes wide
my lips sealed closed
how i feel to know that you cant ever know me
you call me a liar because of the things i wont tell you
but i lied to myself for so much longer
i understand now the things i cant change
my words drip from my fingertips
as i portay a person who's not me
you once knew who i was
you accepted me as i am
but im not that person anymore
maybe its best that you dont know me
i dont know if you'd want to know if you did
i dont know what my life would be without you
so i bury myself to keep you
i lie awake to mourn myself
the grave still warm for what was me
but for now im the person who you can accept
this eulogy of my life only for you
:iconerishon:Erishon 4 17
Abstraction by phoenixq Abstraction :iconphoenixq:phoenixq 12 28 Spring of Life by Sinful-Star Spring of Life :iconsinful-star:Sinful-Star 3 15
setting sun
i cant see my breath
fore it does not exist
waste away in death,
consume me with a cyst
break me down and pull me down
and hit me with a fist
for i am dead and feel no pain
im tombed inside this cist
and words do not describe
how hard it is to hide
this pain that reeks of suffering in stone walls does abide
and im screaming
can't i see the light?
its dark and i am sick of fright
for it is all encompassing, this black and eerie night.
i used to watch the rising sun
and see a smile on me
but now i see a setting one
and frowns are given free
:iconpeaceplacid:peaceplacid 1 3
The fear inside my mind has stopped
i hear your breath
the silence ensues
one hand on my face, the gentle caress
my skin tight and cold against your touch
i see myself in your eyes
my heart starts to crumble
my reason for being
nothing but a faint memory on the wind
you tell me you love me
your lips parts to breathe
my heart now races as i long to touch you
the cold like fire on my skin
i see your mouth tremble
the pain in your eyes speak to me
i look down from above you
i try to beleive you
the knife in my chest
a constant reminder of your lies
:iconerishon:Erishon 2 9
Candy -Red- by DenVildaBabyn Candy -Red- :icondenvildababyn:DenVildaBabyn 1 3



2005 1 PBCC11B Implement Food Safety Procedures 75 GCM   

2005 1 PCMN306A Produce Business Documents 69 GCM   

2005 1 PCORNUM1AZ Apply Basic Mathematical Concepts 70 GCM   

2005 1 PGCS02B Promote Products And Services To Customers 93 GCM   

2005 1 PGGA06B Receive And Store Stock 75 GCM   

2005 1 PGGA07B Control & Order Stock 77 GCM   

2005 1 PGLE01B Monitor Work Operations 87 GCM   

2005 1 PGLE07B Recruit And Select Staff 86 GCM   

2005 1 PGLE08B Lead And Manage People 100 GCM   

2005 1 PGLE09B Manage Workplace Diversity 76 GCM   

2005 1 PGLE13B Manage Finances Within A Budget 65 GCM   

2005 1 PGLE14B Prepare & Monitor Budgets 68 GCM   

2005 1 PGTR01B Coach Others In Job Skills 93 GCM

:nod: Now I'd say that's rather smooth sailing :nod:


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